ECOBEAUTY SOCIAL STORES are the most innovative and cost-effective business proposal, and they are developed through the institution of franchise by creating a municipal chain of small retail beauty products and beauty services shops at the same site. Τheir aim is to offer:
* Hairdressing services (haircuts, styling, dyeing).
* Cosmetic services (facial care, makeup, manicure, pedicure).

Products mixture.

The product mix has a specific number of items with the minimum number of codes. In the field of Micro-Retail we detect a series of products, which, depending on the product mix and style of stores they form their own subcategories as follows:
* Perfumes.
* Makeup products.
* Creams.
* Cosmetics.
* Personal care accessories.
* Hair dyes.

Type of stores and architectural standards.

Standard type of stores with a size of 50-60 m2 each, and with a showcase of 7-8 m on the street. The stores are designed based on an architectural model which is dealing with the interior and exterior design of the store such as colors, furniture, lighting, flooring, ceiling, racks, posters etc. 

Geographic location.

The selected locations of stores aim to create zones of influence, namely attractiveness perimeter of customers, and their selection depends on the parameters as follows: 
* Populous neighborhoods of large cities with unstable or declining economic trend.
* Access to the particular area.
* Competition in the particular area.
* Infrastructures of the area.