General specifications.

A) CONSTRUCTION METHOD (CPB / Containerized Prefab Blocks) 
The "design innovation" of this method is the construction of the framework where no conventional concrete structures are implemented, but as a basic building block shipping containers 40 ft (standard type) are used, modified into homes in accordance with the national regulations in force.
By the implementation of construction method (CPB / Containerized Prefab Blocks) we provide the following advantages:
* Full control of project’s completion schedule.
* Large reduction of construction costs.
* Easy materials management (transfer + assembly).
* Easy materials maintenance.
It is a type of residence which combines the prefabrication of a compact outer metal shell (framework), with elements of internal furnishing standardization (kitchens, cabinets, doors, etc.). Construction takes place with blocks of 10 dwellings, mounted at a height of 5 floors. The basic plan uses a central staircase where 2 groups of 5 dwellings to the right and left are placed. Each house has an area of 60 m2 and contains a kitchen, living room-dining room, 2 rooms and toilet. Communal spaces are located on the ground floor and they include:
* Laundries.
* Storehouses.
* Gathering places.
The openings are maximized at the south side of the buildings, while at the east side and the north side the minimum required openings are allowed for natural lighting and ventilation. At the west side large balconies of 3.5 m are placed to provide adequate shading. The large southeast side is equipped with horizontal, stable and inclined shades. The shell is insulated by using 5 cm thick polystyrene sheets in vertical structural elements and with 10 cm thick sheets to the roof. Building design incorporates airy ventilation application through openings that are diametrically arranged at each level. Furthermore, every house has a flat solar water collector that serves the majority of the hot water requirements for use throughout the year.