ALLDAY SOCIAL STORES are new, innovative business proposal, offering multiple small retail opportunities and "to go" catering in the same site. According to this, the maximum facilitation for consumers is ensured, while creating two profit centers in the same store for their franchisees. It is a dynamic partnership in combinatorial markets industry, fast food and small retail, with standards: 
* Of modern retail stores.
* Of fast food stores & cafes.
The rule formed by all said above is that the products in all categories must be selected by consumers for their incomparably low prices.

Products mixture.

The product mix has a specific number of items with the minimum number of codes. In the field of Micro-Catering we detect a series of products, which, depending on the product mix and style of stores they form their own subcategories: 
* Coffee.
* Donuts, salty and sweet.
* HotDog, club-sandwiches.
* Beer.
* Juices, beverages.
In the sector of small retail we detect a series of products: 
* Tobacco products.

Type of stores.

Each store has the particular dimensions of a 40 ft shipping container and they are as hereunder:
* Length: 12.00 m.
* Width: 2.5 m.
* Height: 2.9 m.
* Total area: 30 m2.
The stores are designed based on an architectural model which is dealing with the interior and exterior design of the store such as colors, furniture, lighting, flooring, ceiling, racks, posters etc.

Geographic location.

The selected locations of stores aim to create zones of influence, namely attractiveness perimeter of customers, and their selection depends on the parameters as follows :
* Populous neighborhoods of large cities with unstable or declining economic trend.
* Access to the particular area.
* Competition in the particular area.
* Infrastructures of the area.

Architectural standards.

Architectural standards refer to the interior and exterior design of stores (colors, furniture, lighting, flooring, ceiling, shelves, posters, stands, presentations), as well as to the full architectural design-study and final configuration of optical & architectural identity.