The idea of Social Kitchen.

Alongside the producers’ market a "Social Kitchen" is operating , and these two structures are interacting together by feeding and refeeding back each other, doing solidarity act. The Social Kitchens are incorporated within the existing network (structures) of municipality’s social food supply and they are able to offer cheap and qualitive food, while they are operated by “food supply voluntary groups”. So, the municipality provides the infrastructures and volunteers cook meals based on a predetermined program. Meal materials come from private donations and the productive infrastructures of the municipality. In Social Kitchens the food is cooked live in front of the public, and people are eating together to get everyone closer, and to break the shame that probably someone feels by receiving cooked food in a solidarity structure. Social Kitchen aims to become a living "solidarity cell" and support for those hit by the barbaric conditions of economic crisis, which began when we saw people of all ages, nationalities and social strata in the street markets searching garbage to collect food that they can no longer buy.

Food supply voluntary groups.

Eligibility for the use of kitchen will have only food supply voluntary groups based on a predetermined operation program of municipality’s social services. A parallel objective of Social Kitchen through its action is to enhance financially the unemployed volunteers who deal daily with the operation of the kitchen, from revenues of various events that will take place to strengthen the institution. 

Basic Social Kitchen model of four (4) cookrooms.

In the plots of Urban Farmers Market installations, special places for a Social Kitchen will be created and they will include:
* One container 40 ft for food preparation modificated to host 4 cookrooms of 7.2 m2 each, based on the current national regulations in force.
* One reinforced concrete shelter where the container will be placed. On top of the shelter operates an outdoor observatory for internal supervision and unobstructed view of the market, becoming a unifier of “local urban market" with the "solidarity feeding structure".
* Indoor and outdoor dining spaces. The installation of Social Kitchen will be supported by a closed type dining room made of reinforced concrete, and an outdoor dining area in a specially designed space.