Why is Endogenous Production Reconstruction necessary today? 
The Municipality key driver to development policy.

How a society in a period of prolonged crisis will stand on its own feet again? If someone wants to answer the "how", he/she must have realized the deep systemic crisis in global production model. Few have the experience to provide the answer to this question and the answer is "endogenous development". It is a dynamic process based on three pillars: economy, society and environment.

* It is the only one that creates the real conditions in order society to stand on its own feet again.
* It is the only one leading to self-management of production.

* It is the only one that resists in practice to the authoritarianism of globalization.
* It is the only one that can intervene in total to the production and distribution network, mutating essentially the productive relationships in favor of society.
* It is the only one that can ensure survival conditions maintaining social cohesion.

Endogenous development consists by the utilization of all the advantages local development and activation of local social and cultural bodies as well as voluntary organizations present. It is a growth that is planned and activated by the base and is based on local resources and innovative actions. Endogenous development should be the dynamic concept of municipalities and their leaders development policies. The municipality is the basic unit of political and economic activity of the Republic. It introduces new political and economic conditions with social content, constituting the basis of an innovative model for development action. Greek experience teaches that the impact from prolonged economic crisis on local communities and consumers is out of control and lead to third-world living conditions. The Municipal Model Of Endogenous Development presented in the contents of this blog, consists by innovative projects which were designed based on the experience of Greek crisis.