Industrial flow management.

Manufacturing process produces and supplies products to market and in order to meet the demands of the market it must rely on efficient logistics chain or network, in order to compete in the global market and networked economy. Key element for the success of the municipal development model is the organization of a logistics system that manages all the activities related to procurement processes, production-processing and all activities of distribution. Supply chain will organize the input, internal movement and outflow of materials and products in such a way so as to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The supply chain objective is to increase the overall profitability of all its partners. The services offered are as follows:
* Packing of all municipal network's production units products for transportation and storage.
* Issue of necessary documents for export to the final destination.
* Issue of necessary documents for movement in internal market.
* Protection of products until they reach the final destination.
* Find suitable means of transport that will carry them without altering.


The complex of warehouses has the following features:
* The floor of the truck bed must be at the same level with the floor of the building, so that  it does not require much time and effort for the cargo stevedoring. Since vehicles must be served with different truck bed floor heights, the proper solution is to use a bridging ramp.
* The loading process must be protected from weather changes. The solution is to use a blocking bellows (windshield) in combination with an industrial folding door with shutters.
Facilities efficiency depends on the design of the building, which has to manage the geometry of space properly, as well as the flow and traffic density. The key elements are as follows:
* Minimum usable height of warehouse 9 m.
* Loading and unloading process takes place via pallet vehicle.
* The interior is equipped with a system of multi-level shelves and perhaps this is the overriding requirement for a high performance repository. Heavy duty shelves (heavy rack) are used for storing the pallets with resistibility of 2,200-4,000 kg per level.