SIP-Social Innovation Projects, the only effective weapon against global deep recession.
Acquaintance with Greek Crisis.

As everyone knows, the diverse and complex problems Greek economy is facing in our days started from January 2010 with country’s surveillance by EU and IMF because of its excessive deficit, they were intensified during 2011 with the continuing deterioration of its creditworthiness by international rating agencies such as Fitch and Moody's, to arrive today after 7 years of evil "Memorandums of Understanding" to the failure of the stability program in a regime of controlled bankruptcy with planned deep recession until 2020. The implications of all these are visible today in Greece, which is in the crossfire of an "asymmetric currency war". A war between weak political leaderships and powerful financial forces. It is clear that one asymmetric war has started and it continues to take place in Greece, the weakest link in the eurozone.
Under the pressure that led to the asphyxiation of private sector emerged the serious problem of the absence of any kind of productive investments. Investment abstention today is the dominant and most difficult problem of the Greek economy with main consequences the explosion of unemployment and urban poverty. The Greek statistical facts are disappointing describing the unofficial unemployment around 40% and in large urban centers up to 60%. The consequences of layoffs, wage and benefit cuts, as well as new taxes are felt both at individual and social levels. Within the general climate of despair and rejection which prevails, citizens are looking to find a different political orientation and a new expression outside the traditional political parties. In fact, today’s Greek people are experiencing a new slavery with a right or a left mask.
Movements and self-management organizations appear to earn more and more significance across the country. Movements of citizens who oppose the new austerity measures already number more than 160,000 members and there are corresponding groups of indignant citizens in most cities. Such a development was rather unthinkable a few years ago. The active participation of citizens through various movements offers a brainstorming platform where one learns from the other, where everyone pays attention to real issues facing his fellow citizen and hence him, away from the perspective that the formal power wants to project, while creating a sense of civil unity and build real bonds, because only when you feel that neighbor's problems tomorrow may be yours you will decide to act effectively. As the corrupted political system in Greece is in crisis, we all are more and more compatriots feel trapped in a rotten and useless system which is considered not only as a failed one, but as a system that has led people to the limits of their endurance. 
In the current crisis with citizens' problems constantly exacerbated, with the state almost paralyzed and indifferent to weak in order to exercise social policy, SIP-TechTeam operates supportively to society with innovative projects design incorporating information from local communities which do not have the experts and decision-makers at their disposal.


SIP-TechTeam is: 
* A voluntary collaborative study and design team.
* A participatory research laboratory.
* An informal social collectivity, with vision for the city, the area, the society, and with principal orientation the public-social interest. We seek flexible tactics and partnerships which favor the development of ideas and visions, and formulate motives for the implementation of innovative projects.

Aims to be:  
* The link between citizens and municipalities as an organization wishing to promote and implement "reciprocal plans" with positive socioeconomic benefits. 
* One innovation pole, which it may develop in collaboration with other groups of scientists or individuals original research and application programs, with main purpose the confrontation of economic crisis conditions in combination with the local economic development.
Wants to promote and support: 
* The reversal of the negative economic situation, which is the cause of a series of phenomena such as dislocation of the local productive social fabric, social instability, technological and economic dependence of local communities, creating a vicious circle of underdevelopment. 
* Innovation through low-cost solutions, with continuous production of know-how, combined with already applied technologies. 
* The satisfaction of real social needs, prioritizing development projects at deprived areas of workers and populars with increased needs for environmental and productive reconstruction. 

SIP-Social Innovation Projects: WHAT IT IS

The Project:
* SIP-Social Innovation Projects is a standard participatory venture of urban design, which captures specific intervention proposals in a wider urban area by means of a comprehensive economic crisis management plan, and they are available to the social collectives and groups in order to promote them to decision centers for implementation.

Target Audience:
* Addressed principally to those who are involved or have an interest in management of urban planning and socioeconomic policy issues (municipal and other relevant services).
* At the same time, it is addressed to anyone who operates with one way or another in the urban environment and seeks to apply a different way of dealing with contributory socioeconomic benefits.